Our Vision End Our Mission

Our vision is to produce natural, herbal solutions for all types of beauty problems, and to present such solutions in sterile and economic packaging for optimum use.

We are aware of the fact that companies should share responsibilities together with individuals, states and civil organizations to not only maintain, but also to increase people’s life standards, however, at the same time keeping in mind that the world has limited natural sources.

Responsibilities that we have undertaken for sustainable development and our commitments for support of this issue form our Corporate Social Responsibility attitude. While providing products and services for our consumers, Our Corporate Social Responsibility attitude ensures our compliance with laws, moral standards and every aspect of individual rights, while also acting in an environment friendly manner everywhere we carry out our activities.

We feel a responsibility for the needs of the society as part of our mission, gathering our strength from the corporate values that we nurture.

BIOTA Laboratories visualises itself as a nominee for global citizenship, as it is a company feeling the urge to assume its corporate social responsibilities in accordance with international standards. Our company firmly believing in the philosophy of “our most valuable assets are our human resources” is carrying out its activities in the scope of the Corporate Social Responsibility together with its employees and business partners.

Our mission is to value science, research, and education, and to have highest quality human resources and a modern administrative organization structure to provide better services for our consumers.