Investigation Of Efficacy,Safety And Permanence Of Bioxet Body Hair Inhibitor Créme

Turkish republic istanbul university istanbul medical faculty dermatology department, investigation of efficacy, safety and permanence of bioxet body hair inhibitor creme.



The study was conducted on 54 subjects of various ages (44 females and 10 males). The volunteers were held subject to hemogram tests, biochemical serum tests, hormonal tests and other epidemiologic laboratory tests before they were admitted to the study. Subjects with no pathologies as determined in the clinical and laboratory examinations and using no medications were subjected to dermatological examinations and locations, 
density, thickness, rigidity and color of their body hairs were determined and their body hairs were pictured and examined with a special microscope. Crème was applied to the subjects and their skins were tested (in respect for allergies and irritation).

Undesired body hair of the subjects with no allergies or irritations was depilated with a suitable method and crème was applied to them by massage once a day to the predetermined areas. The volunteers were subjected to regular clinical and laboratory examinations and were followed up for a period of eight months.

Results taken at the end of eight months:

27.7% retard in growth of body hair 50% decrease in the amount of body hair 25.9% thinning and softening of body hair 7.4% color change in body hair.

Besides the subjects with positive results were followed up for a period of an additional eight months during which they did not use BIOXET crème. No changes were observed in the thinned; less dense or discolored body hair at the end of the second eight months.

As a result it was concluded that BIOXET crème is an herbal product that could be used safely by females and males on all parts of the body at any seasons for the purpose of minimizing undesired body hair. It is a product, which can provide the desired effect when used as instructed, with minimal and temporary local side effects and with no systemic side effects and non-changing the normal characteristics of skin.


Cytotoxicity tests. Tests based on mitochondrial activity and measurement of MTT

While significant amount of cytotoxicity could not be observed with a concentration of 200 µg/ml, it was determined that the only dose that demonstrated cytotoxic effect for cell metabolism for each of the 4 days was 1000 µg/ml.


Tests based oh lysosomal activity and neutral measurement

RED UP-take (NR). In the first day lysosomal enzyme inhibition was not observed with concentrations of 40, 200 or 1000 µg/ml.

In other days and with other concentrations an increase was observed in the lysosomal activity of enzymes when compared with control subjects.

An aqueous extract is present in the crème in the ratio of 70% and if 1.5% of this is solid extract (based on the data obtained from lyophilization) then 1.106 gram extract is present in 100 grams of crème.

According to the data that we have obtained; as the cells applied with crème reproduce in two dimensions, data may be given in cm2; for a skin of 1 cm2, the maximum crème amount that can be applied will be equivalent to an extract of 40 mg which gives the amount of crème equal to 3.6 grams. Maximum 3.6 grams crème may be applied to 1 cm2 skin everyday. Biological barrier effects in cytotoxicity values on fibroblasts can not be determined with these tests. Crème applications up to 720 mg/cm2 x application were safe in respect for MTT and NR results based on the 8 µg/ml data.

Besides IC50 was not reached for no dose that was applied.