How is BIOXET Used?



Step 1:

Remove all unwanted hair from the roots, using your usual method (e.g. waxing, threading, plucking, epilator etc). Wash the area to be treated thoroughly.


Step 2:

Apply a sufficient amount of BIOXET cream to the cleansed area, massaging against the direction of the hair growth until it is fully absorbed.


Step 3:

Apply BIOXET to the treated area every night before bed until hair reaches a sufficient length for repeat removal; then continue with Step 1.

On parts of the body where removal of hair from its roots is not desired (for example facial hair, hair in the back, nape, chest, belly, etc.) cream may be applied directly. However, it should be noted that, with this method, results will occur over a relatively longer period than usual.


Why should body hair be removed from the roots?

Removing body hair from the roots enables the active ingredients in BIOXET to gain easier access to hair roots; better results are obtained with pores wide open.


How to understand how BIOXET works?

After starting to use BIOXET, reduction and weakening of unwanted body hair can be noticed within a short period of time. Unwanted body hair will start to grow less, become weaker, and reduce in length.


After how many Sessions are there visable results?

There are approximately five million hairs on the human body, and almost all of them have the same structure although, depending on the area, the hairs differ in strength. The results of clinical studies show that after three months of using the cream once a night, there is a 46% reduction in hair number, 43% reduction in hair length, and 30% thinning of hair. Consequently, to get better results, BIOXET should be used for more than 3 months and applied several times a day.

It reduces and weakens unwanted body hair. More effective than ever with its newly developed formula and its new fragrance, this cream may safely be used on all parts of the body.

Should skin be washed following its application?

No, you must definitely not wash your skin. Once applied, the cream is completely absorbed by the skin, leaving it with a soft, bright appearance.


Storage Conditions:

BIOXET’s natural colour may change due to its high concentration of herbal extracts if its lid is left open or exposed to light and air. This will not cause any negative effects on the efficiency of the product or on the skin applied. BIOXET must be stored at room temperature. Close the lid when not in use.