Complex B Herbal Extract

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Physical tests

On the freshly prepared product (complex B extract) microbiological and rheological analyses were performed; its pH value was measured and sample was physically examined.

• It is seen as a homogenous solution and no phase separation was observed.
• Herbal extract is off-yellow.
• pH value of complex B was 4.92. This pH value is suitable for applications on the skin.
• Viscosity of complex B was 716 mPas sec. It is suitable for applications on the skin.
• Contaminants obtained from microbiological analysis are non-pathogenic and very common ones.


Stability tests storage conditions

Product (complex B) samples were stored under conditions; 60% relative humidity and 4oC±1oC, 25oC±0.1oC, 40oC±0.1oC, -40oC±0.1oC.

• No changes in appearance or phase separation were observed.
• Off yellow color of the extract became darker in every medium in speeded up stability conditions (fridge, room temperature, strove, acclimatization cabin). This indicates preparation should be filled in oxygen-free mediums and be kept in tightly sealed, colored vessels with small application holes.
• Viscosity changes were observed during storage of complex B. Yet the interval of change was not extensive enough to provide problems for application.
• No microorganism that might cause problems in respect for applications were observed in microbiological analyses.


Efficacy tests complex B

• It had positive effects on skin moisture (13.03%-38.77%) and on sebum (35.66%-546.9%) and it did not cause any dramatic changes in the pH of skin ((-5.51) %-(-18.2) %).
• Hair diameter has thinned in the ratios between 28.3% and 32.3%.
• Hair length has shortened in the ratios between 28.5% and 57%.
• Number of hair has decreased in the ratios between 39.4% and 53%.

Besides the herbal extract was found to have no side effects in the clinic trials conducted as it was observed that it did not mix into systemic bloodstream.