After 3 month's usage - Once daily

46% Reduction in hair number.
43% Reduction in hair length.
30% Hair Weakening.


Twice daily

57% Reduction in hair number.
51% Reduction in hair length.
32% Hair Weakening.




BIOXET is a skin care product containing herbal extracts which reduce and weaken unwanted hair permanently. The reason why BIOXET will work for you is based on its effective herbal formulation and its practical use.

However, as is true of any other methods, complete success can only be achieved with correct, balanced and continuous use.

BIOXET simply intervenes in the nutrition cycle of unwanted hair and puts hair cells on a strict diet.

Poorly fed hair cells means slower body hair growth, resulting in thinner hair. Moreover, BIOXET is formulated to provide daily care for your skin. It stabilizes your skin’s pH value and contributes greatly to its moisture content and silky texture. BIOXET users do not need to use any other skin care products.

BIOXET active ingredients are one hundred percent natural, which means this product has no side effects. You can apply safely to every part of your body (including your face).


1.- BIOXET’s efficacy mechanism:

Phytoestrogenic and antiproliferative substances of the extract (Complex B Herbal Extract) act as a competitive inhibitor of androgenic receptors of the matrix cells. They inhibit cell division in the follicles and slow down generation of the keratinocytes. Hair development in anagen phase slows down and then stops after a while.

An increase in the number of hairs in catagen phase is observed. As a result,the hairs complete their life cycle faster, shed and the number of hairs in the area decrease.


2.- Safety:

Melanin and Erythema tests have proven that
our product is dermatologicaly safe causing no change in the pH value of the skin. In fact, the product proves to act as a positive contribution by giving the skin moisture and softness.

Moreover, no systemic side effects were observed.


3.- What makes BIOXET different from other methods?

• BIOXET is not a depilatory product, but a hair-reducing cream.
• cream It directly affects the hair roots, gradually.
• reducing and weakening the hair No need to rinse off the skin after application.
• It is easily used at home without the need of any assistance.
• It is also effective against fair hair, where epilation methods do not work.
• BIOXET is more economical than other epilation methods.
• It is a painless and easy solution for unwanted hair.
• Sunbathing is possible after usage.

4.- A faster solution with BIOXET:

Using BIOXET continuously for approximately 8 to 10 months assures a permanent reduction
and weakening of unwanted hair. This is a comparatively shorter period of time considering that other methods you have used for your unwanted hair have cost you many years of pain.

BIOXET is a practical method, easy to use in the comfort of your own home.


5.- BIOXET is cost effective:

Laser epilation or electrolysis are extremely costly and painful. Methods such as waxing are really nothing more than inconvenient and painful. These methods may seem a cheaper option initially, but in the long run, they work out more expensive.

Using BIOXET for 8 to 10 months helps you to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently, so you won’t have to bother spending anymore money on unwanted hair.

BIOXET is the most cost-effective, painless and practical way of reducing undesirable hair.




Why only purchased from pharmacies?

BIOXET is sold only in pharmacies. Since trained pharmacists are extremely familiar with what this product is composed of, and how it should be used, they can assist our customers much better with any questions they may have.


“Permanent solution to reduce unwanted hair”